Siamchai Intertrade Co., Ltd. (SCI) was founded in 2006 by Chaiwat Sawatyanon and Nuthathai Sawatyanon. Siamchai Intertrade is a high-quality steel producer and supplier offering a full range of steel. It is trusted by clients worldwide for its unparalleled products and services. With our long-accumulated experiences in the steel industry, our clients can always count on us.

Our company began as a construction steel business. With the growth of the steel industry, we expanded to a full range distribution of structural steel and other steel products in order to supply the market’s diverse needs. Our products are of the best quality, meet engineer standards and are certified by the Thai Industrial Standards (TIS). Our experience and expertise have earned us positive feedback and enabled us to successfully build partnerships with our clients based on mutual trust.

Concept and Vision

Siamchai Intertrade Company Limited is driven by its determination to become the leading steel products distributor. Our aim is to be a company that is consistently advancing through improving and developing its team, technology, and information in order to deliver outstanding products and services for our clients' highest satisfaction.


The fundamental goals of Siamchai Intertrade Company Limited are:

1. Advancing and developing organization and employee capabilities regarding both knowledge and skills, while ensuring health, safety, and a productive workspace for our employees.

2. Improving new innovative technology and machinery for the production of great quality steel to fulfil our clients' needs.

3. Leading in product quality and market share in the steel industry, seeking future business with new partners and clients, and building trusted, long-term partnerships.

4. Contributing to and cooperating in activities of good value for society and the environment with corporate social responsibility.

Professional Team


Producing products and providing services of unsurpassed quality is our priority, so we give our care and attention to our team. Our team is the heart and soul of delivering the best products and services for our clients. Thus, we are ready to support our clients and provide them with advice and opportunities, helping them develop their knowledge, skills, and experiences. We are empowering our team to keep advancing, and together, keep our company strong and successful.

We also create positive working conditions for our team and organize activities to promote friendship. We believe that knowledge, skill, and a good workspace lead to employee success in delivering high-quality, efficient products and services.



Core Value


Delivering the best customer experience.


Consistently producing quality products.


Improving and advancing with determination.

Our Services

The best customer experience

Here are the three crucial keys to service, which we prioritize in our mission and commitment to leading in the quality steel industry with both structural and processed steel, that have earned us credibility and trust from both public and private sectors.

1. Products

At Siamchai Intertrade, we emphasize the quality of our products. We ensure that they are certified by TIS and manufactured in respectable and high-quality steel factories.

2. Prices

Our prices depend on the world market. To set competitive prices, we offer better, more practical and flexible payment terms and present buying and selling prices that allow our clients to manage the costs efficiently.

3. Logistics

With a commitment to providing the best experience, we give our utmost attention to developing an effective logistic system and supplying methods. We establish co-logistics management with the manufacturers for reliable and on-time delivery, along with an exhaustive inventory, which is ready whenever our clients need it.